A life-changing documentary about regaining a strong sense of community through sustainable gardening.


God Save The Green is a documentary that tells the stories of people who are regaining a sense of community through gardening while changing their lives and the places they live in. [read more]

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Our Story

Since 2007 the majority of people living in our world, for the first time in history, lives in the suburbs of the cities and no longer in the countryside. An anthropological transformation is rising globally: shepherds and farmers becomes citizens. However, in the suburbs, between shining crystal skyscrapers, in the anonymous suburbs, in crumbling slums, re-emerges so often the man’s need to work the land. That be farmers, that constitutive need of our species, in every culture, to work the land, resurfaces unhinged rhythms and duties of urban life. The narration flows into possible and innovative routes: the last garden in one of the most crowded peripheries of Casablanca (Morocco); hydroponic cultivation in Teresina (Brazil); community gardens in Berlin;  growing vegetables inside bags in one of Nairobi's slums (Kenya); hanging gardens in Berlin, Turin and Bologna; Guerrilla gardening in Berlin.



Dear friends,
on the 4th of July the crowd funding campaign finally gets to its end. We have lived two great months. Thousands of people and a lot of passionate gardeners communities have been in touch with us and our film. Thanks to the precious contribution of all of them we reached the amount of 9455 USD. We will use that money to end the edition of the film and to support the promotion and distribution of it. Thanks again to all the peolpe who supported us! [read more]



The development of the project started  in summer 2008. We developped the project internally and in collaboration with the vey well known italian Ngo CEFA for one year. In july 2009 we had a satisfactory first version of the treatment and in november we applied to Media Development Fund and to the regional support for documentary (receiving funding in April 2010). We also got a prize as best project at European Cinema&Audiovisual Days2009 in Turin. Thanks to CEFA’s support we had the possibility to shoot in Morocco in fall 2009 and in Kenya in May 2010. Contemporary we started shooting in Italy (Bologna and Turin) and in september 2010 we did shooting in Brazil/Teresina, thank to the support of Prof. Giorgio Gianquinto of the University of Bologna, Department of Horticulture that represent also the scientific support of the project . We plan to finish the post-production of the documentary by june of 2012 and be ready for distribution in autumn 2012.


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News #1 | 28/01/2012

Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write 'Tough and Competent' on your blackboards. Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write 'Tough and Competent' on your blackboards. Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write 'Tough and Competent' on your blackboards.

News #2 | 28/02/2012

Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write 'Tough and Competent' on your blackboards. Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write 'Tough and Competent' on your blackboards.

The Film

The main film topic is a current event social, political and cultural. Lots of experiences let us say that a film starting with urban gardens and food security is urgent and needed. There are gardens on rooftop, in slums, fields on the outer fringes of the city, community gardens in the suburbs, gardens in jute bags, in recycled bottles, in the basements of skyscrapers. There is not a return to agrestic or bucolic utopia, to Arcadia farmers, but a passionate and global political and cultural reply to decline and distorsion of the consumer model technologies. [read more]

Written and directed by: Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Research: Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto, Francesco Orsini, Director of the fotography: Marco Mensa, Michele Mellara, Cameramen: Michele Mellara, Marco Mensa, Francesco Merini, Sound recordist: Alessandro Rossi, Editor: Marco Duretti, Color Correction and Graphic Design: Marco Fantozzi, Music by: Massimo Zamboni, Voice over: Angela Baraldi, Produced by: Ilaria Malagutti
Production: Mammut Film together with: Ethnos e CEFA, with the sponsorship of the: University of Bologna and DISTA, with contribution by: Cineteca of Bologna - Film Commission Bologna -; Regione Emilia Romagna; APQ GECO; Film Commission Torino Piemonte; with the support of: D.E-R (documentarists of Emilia Romagna) and: Media European Community Program
Country: Italy, Year: 2012, Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Format: HD, Genre: Current Affairs, Social and Environmental Issues, Duration: 1x75’; 1x52’

The Film

The last garden (Morocco): in the biggest slum of Casablanca, is survived only one garden, has hold to the chaotic urban advanced of cement and tin. Supply to Abdellah’s family who cultivate it in a traditional way (potatoes, coriander, salad, pumpkin). The crop advanced is given, following the Islamic religious tradition, to friends, neighbours and relatives.

Without land (Brazil): a group of women in Teresina ( capital of Piauì, North East state of poor Brazil) have escaped from poverty and social exclusion thanks to vegetables production through an innovative experience of urban horticulture: an hydroponic growing, made with recycled materials. The production is used for family needs and for direct sale from house-to-house. A subsistence economy that produces well-being for women and theirs families.

Community gardens (Germany): in Berlin at Kreutzberg, a neighbour where once the wall ran, some community gardens experiences helps people to have fresh and healthy food. It further becomes experiences to share the time and urban space, giving rise to solidarity networks.

Bag full of soil (Kenya): In Nairobi’s slum, Morris and his family grown vegetables (principally a sort of local cabbage called sukuma wiki) inside large bags filled with soil from the forest surrounding the city. In this way Morris can get his crop also in rainy season. Food is used to feed his large family and also to be sold in the slum. This new idea is spreading all around the slum helping families, needy people and schools.

Hanging gardens (Italy): A passionate gardener has created in last ten years a luxury hanging garden in the attic of a ten floors building in a residential neighborhood in Turin. 150 m2 turned into botanical garden with about 2000 species of plants, flowers and vegetables.

Guerrilla (Germany): Flowers beauty and the urgency of urban art pushes two young berlineers to attempt in urban guerrilla original actions all around Berlin. Their determination and their utopic idea of city are  the key elements on which their actions lay on.



Authors, directors, event creators, Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi works together in a solid artistic partnership since fifteen years. Attempt with a good dose of eclecticism, in cinema, creative documentary, theatre and creating events. Their original artistic career has been recognized globally by audience and critics. They both degreeted at DAMS in Bologna. Michele Mellara graduated at LIFS (London Film School). They were the founders of DER (Documentarist association of Emilia Romagna). Members of Doc it steering committee (National Association of Italian Documentarist). Are with Francesco Merini and Ilaria Malagutti founders and members of Mammut Film. [Download PDF | Directors' résumé]

Essential Filmography:

Full-length Film:
Fort Bastiani (2002), Prize Solinas 1999, Best debut Prize “Officinema- Visioni italiane” 2002, Nomination at David di Donatello as best debut 2003; Prize Kossyra atl Festival del Mediterraneo 2003, Los Angeles Film Festival 2003; Belgrado Italian film festival 2003, Rovigno Film Festival 2003, Storie del Cinema Film Festival 2004, Squilibri Festival di nuova narrativa 2004; Annency Film Festival 2005 And others cinema events both in Italy and abroad.
DVD: both for home video in Italy by Hermitage Cinema published in cineocchio series.

Work fever – Bologna 1945-1980, Produced in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna, Fondazione Carisbo, Fondazione del Monte, Regione Emilia Romagna and principal nation audiovisual archieves (Luce Spa, Rai Teche, AAMOD, Archivio Cineteca di Bologna, Special Jury Prize at Festival International de cinema de arquivo, Rio de Janeiro 2011, Special Event Visioni Italiane, Bologna 2010, Screening at cinema lumière, Bologna 2010, Special Event Sotto le stelle del cinema - Piazza Maggiore Bologna 2010, Screening Tongji University atl Festival Cinema Italiano, Shangai 2010
DVD: Bought for Home Video in Italy by Cineteca di Bologna  published in Documenti del presente series.
Health for sale (2007) Best Italian Documentary Torino CinemAmbiente 2007, XXV Bellaria Film Festival 2007,  II Documentary festival,  Siena 2007,  Documentary Festival “La città del Sole” Sestino- Arezzo 2007,  Jonio Educational Film Festival 2007, Eco Festival Atene 2008,  Sarajevo Festival 2008, Festival “Vedere la Scienza” Milano 2008,  Festival Human Rights Buenos Aires –2008; Doc in Tour Emilia Romagna 2008, Eco Festival Atene 2008; Documenta Madrid – International Documentary Festival 2008; Volda Festival del Documentario, Norway 2008; Green Film Festival Seoul, Sud Korea 2008; Seoul Film Festival 2008; Eco Vision Film Festival, Palermo 2008; Milano Film Festival, div. Colpe di Stato, 2008; V International Biodiversity Festival, Roma 2008; Ring! Festival of cinema critcs, Alessandria 2008; International Festival Cine Gaia, Buenos Aires 2008; International Festival Health for Development, Barcellona 2008; Basilea Forum, Basilea 2009; Kos International Health Film Festival, Grecia 2009. International Distribution First Hand Films DVD: Bought for Home Video in Usa and Australia TV: UR Tv (Sweden), Yes Tv (Israel), Al Jazeera Middle East TV (Arabs Countries), TVE (Spain) ERT (Greece), TV CZ (Czech Republic) ; NZ TV (New Zealand); PTSF (Taiwan); EBS (South Korea); Against Gravity (Poland);  Mac TV (UK);  RTSI (Italian speaking Switzerland); Current TV (Italy) TV1 (France).



Mammut film is an independent producer and authors society, established in 2005 by 5 associates, working in film, documentary and theatre  since 10 years. Mammut Film was born to collect all those different backgrounds and to channel into films, documentary, events and publications, with an eye on development projects by other workers.
The company main target is to produce audiovisuals with specific attention to documentaries, finding collaborations with EU and international partners.
Mammut Film is a young and very motivated company, capable, thanks to the experience of the partners to develop and produce high quality documentaries. Constantly participation at major international meetings allowes the company developing a strong net with potential investors and new partners. [read more]


The company comprises indipendent producer Ilaria Malagutti wich is engaged in production and development of projects, producer-director Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi and director Francesco Merini.
Works produced by Mammut Film: Men&Puppets (2012) by M. Mellara, A. Rossi, F. Merini; Work fever (2010) by M. Mellara and A. Rossi; Health for Sale (2007) by M. Mellara and A. Rossi; The other Voice of Music. A journey with Claudio Abbado between Caracas and L'Avana (2006) by F. Merini, H. Failoni. 
The documentaries produced by Mammut Film were sold to television around the world  (UR-Television, ERT, Cezca Televize, California NewsReel, YES Television, Al Jazeera, TVE, Doc Channel NZ, EBS, VEA, MAC Television,  PTSF, Against Gravity, RTSI, Current TV, RAI, Canal Futura, TeleSur)  have attended to major national and international festivals and have been edited in DVD.



A Mammut Film production in collaboration with RAI CINEMA and:
Cefa Onlus, Horticity, Ethnos, with the support of the Cineteca di Bologna, Film Commission Bologna, Centro per lo Sviluppo dell'audiovisivo e dell'innovazione digitale in Emilia Romagna, Regione Emilia Romagna, APQ GECO, with the support of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, with the support of the Programma Media della Comunità Europea, under the patronage of Università di Bologna - Facoltà di Agraria, thanks to Eugea, DER, TPO, Radio Città del Capo [read more]



The hanging garden

A flourishing roof garden in the center of Turin, Italy. Produced by Mammut Film, directed by M.Mellara, A. Rossi
Without Soil

The low-cost hydroponic cultivation in teresina, Piauì, Brazil.  Produced by Mammut Film, directed by M.Mellara, A. Rossi
The bag

In Mathare slum in Nairobi people grow vegetables in big sacks.   Produced by Mammut Film, directed by M.Mellara, A. Rossi
The last garden

Shot in Rahmna slum, Casablanca. Morocco.  Produced by Mammut Film, directed by M.Mellara, A. Rossi

  • Backstage

    • Guerrilla



          • A BAG OF SOIL

            • HANGING GARDENS

              • TURKISH GARDEN

                • THE LAST GARDEN

                  • WITHOUT SOIL


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                    Costa Rica International Film Festival, Montezuma, Costa Rica 2013
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                    Vivere Verde, Modena 2013
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                    Festival delle Culture, Ravenna - 9 giugno 2013
                    Bellaria Film Festival (RN) - dal 30 maggio al 2 giugno 2013
                    Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival, San Paolo, Brasile 2013
                    Agrifilm Festival, Ostiglia, Mantova 2013 - 29 maggio
                    Rassegna Coinvolgimenti, Massafra, Taranto 2013
                    Rassegna Inscape/Landscape - paesaggi nel secolo nuovo, Interzona, Verona 2013
                    Visioni Italiane, Bologna (2013)
                    Worldfilm Festival of Visual Culture, Tartu, Estonia (2013)
                    This Human World International Film Festival, Vienna (2012)
                    Anteprima al Cinema Värmlands a Karlstad, Svezia (2012)
                    Presentazione di alcuni estratti del film al Leoncavallo, Milano (2012)
                    Skylogic Award Giornate Europee dell'audiovisivo, Torino (2009)
                    20th Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival
                    Kassel Dok Festival, Germany, 2013
                    CMS Vatavaran Film Festival, New Dehli, India 2013
                    Best documentary Costa Rica International Film Festival
                    Best documentary, EIFF (Ecologico International Film Festival), (LE) Italy 2013
                    Prise Parco Colli Euganei, Euganea Festival, Italy 2013
                    Festival della Ciociaria, Frosinone, 2013
                    Festambiente Mondi Possibili, Roma 2013
                    Reefestival, Bitonto (BA) 2013


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                    Graphics: Camilla Casadei Maldini, Franco Tamoni